O L I V E  W E B B
a r t i s t   p r i n t m a k e r

Olive was educated at the North London Collegiate School. She then studied architecture and worked for several London based architects, later becoming a primary school teacher. As a mature student, from 1990 she gained an Honours degree in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire (formerly St Albans School of Art).

Her work doesn't fall easily into categories.

She says of her work,

'I rarely find that one technique gives me all that I need to develop an idea. I like to call my work narrative-constructions'.

The work draws on various printing techniques, drawings, collages and printing in acrylics. The works are built slowly layer by layer starting with the germ of an idea, often narrative, which becomes the first layer. With this layered approach there is always an element of suprise... the unexpected juxtaposition of colour... a change of form... a new narrative.

Click here to view a selection of her work.

Olive is a Member of Bath Artist Printmakers.
and exhibits with the Society of Graphic Fine Art